We are a recruitment firm that places great emphasis on ethical and responsible aspects. More and more we find ourselves analyzing these aspects for the production of materials of all kinds. We want-and increasingly must-know where semi-finished products, blanks, their production, certifications, etc. come from.

The search for new human resources is often outsourced, and unfortunately there is rarely any concern about how the agency will approach the search. "perhaps the end justifies the means" ? Not with us.

Our aim is to respond to this gap. The search toward new human resources must boast a distinct focus, respect and responsibility compared to that devoted to the production of material products. Zolliway approaches the search and selection process by dedicating itself to the people involved, considering in addition to the professional situation, all personal aspects that may have an impact on candidate and employer satisfaction: Family situation, professional desires, extraprofessional commitments, hobbies, psychological impact, risks and benefits of a possible new challenge.

The recruitment agency acts on behalf of the client company. In its approach to the search it contributes to improving or conversely, damaging, the client's image. We will only improve it!




God gaveus two ears, butonly one mouth, precisely tohear twice as much and speak half as much (Epictetus)
In a hectic reality like ours, listening has become a rare and precious commodity. We believe that behind listening lies the key to quick but above all, focused and efficient service. We want to take the time for you. We want to listen carefully to you.


Listening is essential. However, if the knowledge gained through listening is not analyzed through proper reflection, it is worthless. After noting your needs and desires, we want to reflect: Are we able to meet your expectations? Are we the ideal professional partner for you? How can we be of real help to you?



The right analysis of the facts acquired during listening allows us to make a targeted and precise search and selection. The candidate must have the prerequisites you have posed, he or she must bring great motivation, and not least, his or her personality must be able to integrate well into the team. There must be all the prerequisites for a long-term collaboration. We do not limit ourselves to superficial and sufficient work. We strive for excellence in our work to provide you with an extremely useful and valuable service.

We are head hunters. We find who you are looking for.