We’ll be happy to receive it!

We’ve created this page so you can send us your resume and in this way be considered for the latest job opportunities, which haven’t even been published yet on our page.

What will happen with my resume?

From your resume we will extract your information, adding it to our system’s database, thus creating your personal file, with any observations you have added in this form. If you have a few minutes to spare, tell us what your objectives and professional goals are. You’ll find this space at the end of the form.

Will I be contacted concerning new job positions?

Thanks to a modern research method we have the possibility to locate resumes and relative forms within our system, using targeted key words. This way we can contact you with specific job opportunities, which reflect your interests.

If I find an interesting job offer after having submitted my resume, can I re-apply for a position?

To quote Robert Brault, “Making a different mistake every day is not only acceptable, it is the definition of progress,” we too are amongst those who make mistakes. So, of course, please re-apply for the position. We’ll be happy to evaluate your application and give you feedback as soon as possible.

Will my personal information and data be protected?

Absolutely! Besides adhering to the new norms dictated by the GDPR (you’ll find the details in the policies that are listed below this form) we have our internal policy too, which requires us to contact each applicant personally for an in-depth assessment before forwarding your application.

A few indications:

-You’ll find an asterix (*) for spaces, where information is mandatory.

-The space for your comments and observation is located at the end of the form.

-You’ll find a space for a short presentation video, which you can easily upload from your mobile phone. The ideal length is 1’30”. Tell us about yourself! If you speak more than one language, feel free to switch over to any other language, showing us your current fluency.

Thank you! We're sure it’ll be a masterpiece!